Dan Gillies Biography

Dan Gillies is a Canadian Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer & Guitar Instructor in Alberta, Canada.

Working primarily as a freelance musician for over a decade, Dan Gillies has a musical resume of diverse proportions. Similar to Clark Kent/Superman, Dan manages to wear several identities within the industry: performing, recording, collaborating, producing, writing and instructing. With a background in jazz, one can find him gigging with jazz groups at “classy” events and with alluring archtops! As a country guitar aficionado, he can be caught onstage at country music events with a killer band! As a collaborator, Dan works with artists and clients to achieve their musical visions.

A few highlights…

Dan produced the theme song “Alive” for the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games, and performed his original, “Turning the Page” in an epic context, at the Opening Ceremonies.

In the fall of 2014, Dan released his first instrumental album; Dan Gillies, which displayed his stylistic diversity as a player. From classic rock to modal jazz – to a Celtic mandolin piece – Dan’s album was a “brilliant fusion of styles.”

Dan’s groups have opened for artists such as: The Trews, George Canyon, Bach­man & Turner, The Road Hammers and Dia­mond Rio.

As an author, Dan contributes Guitar Columns/Reviews for Canadian Musician Magazine.

Finally, Dan is a sought after Instructor with tremendous experience teaching private lessons and running workshops, camps, recitals, and build­ing curriculum. He was employed by the Keyano College Conservatory as a Gui­tar Instruc­tor for years, and now runs his Dan Gillies Guitar Studio from their Theatre and Arts Centre

Dan holds a Diploma from Grant MacE­wan Uni­ver­sity in Music Per­for­mance, with a Major­ in Jazz and Contemporary Music; as well as a Music Diploma from Keyano Col­lege, with a Major­ in Clas­si­cal and Jazz Guitar.

Turning the Page // Dan Gillies
  1. Turning the Page // Dan Gillies
  2. Horse Chase // Dan Gillies
  3. In the Mood For Modal // Dan Gillies
  4. The Voyage // Dan Gillies
  5. How Deep the Father’s Love For Us // Dan Gillies
  6. Heather’s Song // Dan Gillies
  7. Turning the Page (Reprise) // Dan Gillies