Dan Gillies Biography

Dan Gillies is a Guitarist and Freelance Musician from Northern Alberta who performs, composes and teaches in jazz, blues and country styles; as well as contemporary music and rock n’ roll.

As an estab­lished musi­cian, Dan has par­tic­i­pated in a num­ber of rock/country bands and jazz ensem­bles through­out his career; and has col­lab­o­rated with a variety of musi­cians and artists in Alberta. He has per­formed through­out the Province — includ­ing the Win­spear Cen­tre in Edmon­ton — with these diverse musi­cal groups. Dan’s groups have opened for artists such as: The Trews, George Canyon, One More Girl, Bach­man & Turner and Dia­mond Rio. Also, Dan’s groups have per­formed at many high profile musical events, includ­ing: the North­ern Clas­sic, SummersEND Country Music Jubilee, CanadaROCKS and the Arc­tic Win­ter Games (2004). Most notably, Dan Gillies performed throughout the Western Canada Summer Games in August of 2015 – including an epic performance of his song “Turning the Page” at the Opening Ceremonies. If you live in Fort McMur­ray, you’ve likely heard Dan at one of these events – or a community fes­ti­val, an Urban Mar­ket – and especially the local pubs!

Dan is a reg­u­lar and his groups are a first choice for many cor­po­rate com­pa­nies and event coor­di­na­tors in Fort McMur­ray. He’s per­formed at numer­ous social events, pri­vate func­tions and wed­dings – work­ing both as a soloist and in ensembles. Specif­i­cally, you’ve heard Dan at: A Taste of Fort McMur­ray, the Oil­sands Ban­quet, the Mac­Don­ald Island Art Gallery and the Keyano Gala; or at a hotel for a Christ­mas Party, Awards Cer­e­mony or another “black tie” event where there was live music. In the Fort McMur­ray cor­po­rate scene, Dan also per­forms with the Jazz Group A Touch of Class.

Dan continues to play regularly at city-wide Church Ser­vices & Events – and has for the past 17 years! He is one of the Gui­tarists fea­tured on the record “Do Justly;” a live wor­ship album released by The Bridge 91.1. Also, Dan is a sought after Instruc­tor for ‘Gui­tar in Wor­ship’ and is currently involved with the Music Min­istry at Fort City Church in Fort McMurray.

He is a sought after Instructor with many years of experience in teaching private lessons; running workshops, camps, recitals, and build­ing cur­ricu­lums. He was employed by the Keyano College Conservatory as a Gui­tar Instruc­tor for a number of years, and now operates his lessons privately from his studio in their Theatre and Arts Centre. Dan has also written Guitar Columns for Canadian Musician Magazine (May/June Issues – 2016, 2017).

In the fall of 2014, Dan released his Instru­men­tal album; Dan Gillies. With every­thing from Clas­sic Rock to Modal Jazz; Latin & Coun­try Gui­tar to a Celtic Man­dolin piece — Dan’s album is a brilliant fusion of styles – that he anticipates will fur­ther his career in ses­sion work and performing.

In the spring of 2015, Dan Produced the Western Canada Summer Games theme song, “Alive” – written by Sarah Canning; and laid down all guitar tracks on the single.

Dan holds a Diploma from Grant MacE­wan Uni­ver­sity in Music Per­for­mance, with a Major­ in Jazz and Contemporary Music; as well as a Music Diploma from Keyano Col­lege, with a Major­ in Clas­si­cal and Jazz Guitar.

Dan Gillies currently works as a Free­lance Musi­cian, Per­former, Clin­i­cian and Gui­tar Instruc­tor – as well as a Music Director (Fort McMurray Community Jazz Band), and as a Guitar Tech (Campbell’s Music) – in Fort McMur­ray, Alberta, Canada.

Turning the Page // Dan Gillies
  1. Turning the Page // Dan Gillies
  2. Horse Chase // Dan Gillies
  3. In the Mood For Modal // Dan Gillies
  4. The Voyage // Dan Gillies
  5. How Deep the Father’s Love For Us // Dan Gillies
  6. Heather’s Song // Dan Gillies
  7. Turning the Page (Reprise) // Dan Gillies